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Cold Foil for Paper and Film

Cold foil for paper and film


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Cold foil for paper and film

Main characteristics
●Special-foil for sheet-fed offset cold foil applications with oxidative drying & UV-curing cold foil adhesives
●High operating speed over 10.000 sheets/hr, possibly up to 18.000 sheets/hr
●Excellent edge definition with easy release properties
●Suitable for fine line and halftone effects and broad area designs
●High gloss
●Good over-printability with conventionally/oxidative drying offset ink series
●Good adhesion on oxidative drying cold foil adhesives (with fast drying performance) & UV-curing cold foil adhesives


A wide range of coated papers and carton boards

Recommended applications

●Applicable on a wide range of coated paper and carton boards
●Applicable on sheet-fed offset presses with cold foil module.
●Cold foils may be used in following markets and applications:
- Commercial print jobs:
books, magazines, advertising posters, flyers, post-cards, greeting cards, art print´s and much more advertising print jobs
- Packaging:
beauty-, tobacco-, food-, confectionary-, pharma-packaging and various kinds of non-food-packaging

- Labeling:

wine-,champagne-, liqour-, cosmetic labels

Relevant equipment

Sheet-fed offset presses with cold foil modules

Operating hints

●Carefully test the appropriate adhesive for your particular job, ex. Conventional adhesives including Zeller+Gmelin O0830 (gold foils) and O0831 (silver foils); Jaenecke + Schneemann 96350 (labels) and 96351 (cardboards).
 UV adhesives including Zeller+Gmelin U0830 (gold foils) and U0831 (silver foils); INX HT; TOYO INK: FD IF UV Glue; T&K: UV glue SPP-BK.
●Adjustment of the cold foil adhesive should be made in order to achieve good performance with the substrates. Ideal adhesive volume is approximately density 0.20~0.24 (for silver foils) and 0.3~0.34 (for gold foils) and also depending on different process, different substrates, different job designs, different adhesive colors and other conditions.


Please check color chart

HONGCAI, established in 1992, is one of the leading cold foil for paper and film suppliers in China for its high quality and delicate products as well as excellent service. Should you're interested in it, come and contact our factory to buy our foils.

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