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Hot Foil for UV

hot foil for UV


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hot foil for UV

Main characteristics
●Over-printability on both of conventional and most of UV inks.
●Dyne level approximately 44 after stamping.
●Medium definition and solid coverage with consistent release.
●Good abrasion and scratch resistance.
●Good performance on high speed rotary equipment.
● Transparent effect after stamping.
● Medium definition with consistent release.
● Good coverage with high gloss; also good abrasion and scratch resistance.
● Applicable on all machine types in the graphics industry.


PET/OPP laminated papers, plain paper and board, printed paper and other various papers.

Recommended applications

Wine and spirit boxes, labels, cigarette packages, cosmetic packaging boxes, greeting cards other applications in graphics industry.

Relevant equipment

Vertical, Clam-shell ,Cylinder and Rotary machines

Operating hints

●Vertical, platen and clam-shell machines: 100℃ - 130℃
●Cylinder machines: 130℃ - 160℃
●Rotary machines: 170°C - 220℃
●Adjusting a higher speed or lower temperature to get the fine line definition
●Ensure that the Die surface is clean.
●Ensure that ink on the substrate (if any) is dry before stamping


Gold and Silver

HONGCAI, established in 1992, is one of the leading hot foil for uv suppliers in China for its high quality and delicate products as well as excellent service. Should you're interested in it, come and contact our factory to buy our foils.

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