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Five Advantages Of Holographic Foil For Automobile Manufacturing Jun 12, 2017

Five advantages of Holographic Foil for automobile manufacturing
 The widespread use of Holographic Foil alloy sheet is inseparable from the unique chemical composition and performance of the emergence of Holographic Foil alloy, has become the king of production applications, and its predecessor, metal iron, before this is the production application is very important Metal, but the emergence of Holographic Foil, and gradually replaced the king of iron, this paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of Holographic Foil and iron their own, to introduce the car with Holographic Foil is how to become the first application of metal production:
1. Automotive Holographic Foil weight advantage
Holographic Foil than the proportion of cast iron, to meet the strength requirements of the premise, the Holographic Foil to light much more. In the car's engine, the engine light, the weight of the vehicle can play a positive impact, the vehicle quality is also lighter. So, this point on the Holographic Foil cylinder block dominant.
2. The volume advantage of Holographic Foil for cars
The same reason, the small proportion of Holographic Foil, the unit volume of Holographic Foil structure strength is less than cast iron, so the Holographic Foil cylinder block is usually larger but larger, but the weight of about 40% lighter.
3. Automotive Holographic Foil corrosion resistance and strength advantages
The Holographic Foil is easy to react with the water produced during combustion, and the corrosion resistance is less than that of the cast iron cylinder, especially for the supercharged engine with higher temperature pressures. This is on the cast iron cylinder dominant.
4. Automotive Holographic Foil antiknock and heat dissipation advantages
The thermal conductivity of the Holographic Foil is faster, so the cooling performance is good and can help the engine reduce the probability of non-normal combustion, and the same compression ratio, the Holographic Foil cylinder engine can use lower-grade gasoline than the cast iron cylinder engine. This point on the Holographic Foil cylinder dominant.
5. Automotive Holographic Foil friction coefficient advantage
In order to reduce the inertia of the reciprocating parts, to improve the speed and response speed, the piston mostly use Holographic Foil alloy as a material. The cylinder wall is cast iron, Holographic Foil and iron between the friction coefficient will be reduced accordingly, so that the performance of the engine to play a good job. Some known as "all Holographic Foil" engine also use cast iron cylinder lining, which, Holographic Foil cylinder block and iron cylinder advantage each half.