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Application Of Foil For Tobacco Jul 13, 2017

Application of Foil for Tobacco

In order to set up the enterprise image, enhance brand value, and at the same time in order to meet the demands of anti-counterfeiting, cigarette industrial enterprise in at the same time, to ensure the quality of cigarette inner lining is more and more importance on cigarette packaging, the development and utilization of tobacco leaf, on which the printing graphic, from cigarette tobacco leaf into illustrated, colorful, moistureproof the anti-counterfeiting function and some new development period.

Chinese cigarette industrial enterprise production with graphic cigarette tobacco leaf, there is a common feature, that is no matter its positive or negative are useful in Chinese, Chinese pinyin or English print a part or the full version of the name of the some company logo. If the Foil for Tobacco specially designed for a brand is not only the name of the factory, but also the name and decoration pattern of the brand. In particular, there are several categories.

One is to have the factory name or the logo on the front of the Foil for Tobacco. Such as the cigarette produced by BENGBU cigarette FACTORY, its tobacco leaf has the name "BENGBU cigarette FACTORY" written by the famous calligrapher zhang kaifan and the word "BENGBU CIARETTE FACTORY" in English. HUAIYIN cigarette factory produces the cigarette, its Foil for Tobacco is printed "HUAIYIN cigarette factory", "HUAIYIN" and the enterprise logo.

One is printed on the front or back of the Foil for Tobacco, with a full version of the Chinese language, Chinese pinyin or English name, some with corporate logos. If ningbo cigarette factory produces cigarette, its cigarette foil front has full version of Chinese pinyin factory name; The cigarette produced by kunming cigarette factory, its Foil for Tobacco has a full version of the name of the English factory; The cigarette produced by yuxi cigarette factory, its tobacco leaf has the red tower group logo and the English name; The cigarette factory of the summer tobacco (group) co., LTD. Cigarette factory, whose Foil for Tobacco is full of group logo and Chinese name.

One is a special brand of Foil for Tobacco, which is characterized by the full name of the factory and the brand name and logo of the brand. The "seven Wolf" cigarette of longyan cigarette factory, its Foil for Tobacco with a full plate of "seven Wolf" logo design; The "state guest" cigarette of chu xiong cigarette factory, its Foil for Tobacco is emblazoned with the "red tower group · chu xiong cigarette factory production of the national guest" and its trademark pattern; The cigarette factory of ningbo cigarette factory "big red hawk" cigarette, its Foil for Tobacco is full of the name of the Chinese pinyin, and the reverse emblazoned with "DAHONGYING" Chinese pinyin and trademark pattern.

Another cigarette tobacco leaf with sexual advertising text, such as the red river cigarette factory of 88 "red river" 99 "red river" cigarette with fine works, and the tobacco leaf opposite emblazoned with full version of the "red river cigarette Accompany fire "advertising text.

It is also common in industrial applications, such as the production of sywv75-5 series of cables.

Using functional coatings for surface treatment of battery conductive substrate is a breakthrough of technical innovation, coated carbon foil/copper foil is to spread good nano conductive graphite and carbon coated particles, fine and uniform coating on aluminum foil/copper foil. Static electrical conductivity, it can provide an excellent collection of active material micro electric current, which can greatly reduce the positive/negative material and collector, the contact resistance between the and can improve the adhesive ability between the two, can reduce the use amount of binder, which creates an significantly improve the overall performance of the battery. There are two types of coating water-based (water agent system) and oil (organic solvent system).