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Battery Pack Metallic Foil Market Development Potential Is Huge Aug 15, 2017

Battery pack Metallic Foil market development potential is huge
Soft battery has good safety performance, light weight, battery capacity, good cycle performance, small internal resistance, design flexibility and other multiple advantages. Increased penetration in the digital sector, increased use of new energy vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and other areas of high demand growth, energy storage areas ready to go four major factors, will become the soft battery market share rising power. With the downstream market pull, its market share is expected to exceed 50%.
In the digital field, with the consumer electronics products for the battery made of small size, thin, flexible features more and more obvious, soft package instead of square Metallic Foil shell speed continues to accelerate, Vico, Tian Jin and other traditional Metallic Foil Shell battery companies are increasing in the field of flexible investment in the layout. With the electronic products to the miniaturization, intelligent, wearable direction, the requirements of the battery should also have a small size, light, flexible features, and lithium battery foil foil with its excellent overall performance in smart phones, Tablet PCs, wearable equipment and other consumer electronics products widely used, and the growth rate far more than the average level of lithium battery industry.
Code field replacement at the same time, the application of power batteries is also accelerating, research found that, including Beiqi, Changan, Dongfeng and other domestic high-end new energy passenger cars have begun to use soft battery power battery. Soft battery in the energy density advantage is obvious, and the current single cell is also to large capacity, high rate of the direction of development, more in line with the requirements of the development of electric vehicles. With the Metallic Foil plastic film to replace the acceleration of domestic and soft package power battery large-scale production, the cost of flexible battery pack will gradually highlight the cost advantage in this context, its market share in the power sector will be further increased.
According to the Automotive Industry Association statistics, 2016 annual car production in 22 million, of which 18 million passenger cars, in accordance with the national car lightweight policy requirements, we now use only 100 kg of Metallic Foil. In accordance with the thirteen five plan, in 2025 to upgrade to the amount of Metallic Foil 300 kg, which is a considerable number. At present, passenger car Metallic Foil has been more common, that is, four doors, four doors, front cover and then add some bumper. If in accordance with the proportion of 20 million is quite large, but now due to cost and technical processing problems, can not completely replace the Metallic Foil, can only be increased year by year.
Metallic Foil industry as a Metallic Foil processing industry leading brand, actively layout of the car lightweight, carefully prepared. Joint "rolling technology and continuous rolling automation," the State Key Laboratory, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dr. Wang Guodong jointly set up a high-performance Metallic Foil alloy foil with foil production and application of academician workstation, Metallic Foil alloy strip technology, automotive panels With Metallic Foil alloy strip production and process technology development, and the composite cooling method under the rapid cooling technology, cooling rate control technology and process technology, such as cooling technology development. And in October 2012 began to implement the TS16949 quality management system certification work, after SGS (Swiss General Notary Bank, the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification bodies) rigorous review, access to SGS certification bodies issued by ISO / TS16949 : 2009 quality management system certification. The certification is the highest quality certification in the automotive industry and is a prerequisite for access to the global automotive supply chain. At present, many independent brands have been established with long-term cooperation.
Domestic Metallic Foil processing industry and Metallic Foil strip processing equipment production capacity has been a serious excess of Metallic Foil processing industry is facing one of the problems. Recently, just attended the twelfth session of the Shanghai copper foil summit, an industry source said that the future of the freight car plate, the container car plate with the amount of Metallic Foil is millions of the Metallic Foil processing industry is a Way out. The industry also said that if every year to participate in the Metallic Foil industry exhibition, then you will see the freight car this is a big market, the requirements of the entire material is certainly much lower than the four-door car, and Most of the domestic enterprises are able to produce miscellaneous lines.