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Bronzing Paper Contributions For The Apparel Industry Dec 08, 2016

Stamping paper on clothing gives a simple, generous, bright and stylish visual appeal. HBC stamping paper, full color, vivid color sense characteristics of metal, in response to competition in the market and technological developments, most used in the garment industry with the following different colors of high, medium and low three fabric bronzing paper.
1, a special, new, environmentally safe b-series foils
Features: designed specifically for dark fabrics to create, super high washing fastness of color paper.
2. the glow H-C-T series of beautiful bronzing paper
Product features: beyond international washing standards 40 degree wash 30 minutes does not fade. Beyond the EU water standards 60 degree wash 30 minutes does not fade. Silver gilt paper washed standards reached in late 2007, 40-degree temperature for 90 minutes and then washed 60 minutes does not fade. Environmental characteristics, and detected through the EU ROHS test standard halogen.
D series 3, cheap gilding paper
Products at more advantageous prices, for the low market, washing effect. Features: HBC blocking pulp H-C-T23 of new products made from imported raw materials, product testing by halogens and ROHS inspection standards. H-C-T23 HBC stamping and bronzing pulps paper has the best adhesion; Perfect combination of HBC stamping special bronzing for paper and pulp, water resistance and break new ground.