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Bronzing Paper Is Getting Stronger Application Of Universal Dec 08, 2016

1, dye layer: consists mainly of synthetic resin and dye formed filter paper color, such as red, blue, green, gold, and other.
2, the grass-roots level: from Mylar or polyester film support.
3, aluminized layer: aluminum vacuum evaporation heat, cooled and deposition. Main features of aluminized layer reflect light, the coloring layer is metallic luster.
4, peeled layer: silicone resins, pigments, aluminium, rubber stamping can quickly replace the polyester film and adhesive surface printing.
5, an adhesive layer: mainly thermoplastic resin, aluminum cutting machines, hot silicone and stamping materials, its role is under pressure and temperature, aluminum coating and Binder in the hot object.
Bronzing paper is using a special special foil, at a certain temperature the words and patterns transferred to the plastic surface. Its advantage is that this method does not need surface treatment, use a simple device to color printing. In addition, you can print out gold, silver and other metal products. Bronzing paper materials are also referred to as hot stamped aluminium, transport layer and substrate is made of polyester film. Hot stamping foil type: can be divided into drum foils and thin foil, or according to the type of matrix, universal signed according to color, more commonly used are: foil, brownish red foil, light blue foil, black, red, green, and so on. Bronzing paper is actually using the principles of heat transfer, at a certain temperature and pressure, hot melt hot melt Adhesive and silicone resins, silicone resin melts, cohesion to reduce aluminum layer and basement membrane stripping in hot stamping and heat-sensitive adhesive layer adhesive material, aluminum-nonferrous metal material surface stamping materials. Bronzing paper technology and its future development trend is one of the online hot; hot stamping foil chemical performance improvements, improved printing speed to provide a reliable guarantee, therefore, the hot stamping process is online; online hot stamping and bronzing paper applications will become more common in the future. Development of stamping technology, shows growing application of bronzing paper universal and reflect living standards improve, consumers increasingly strong aesthetic, commodity market competitiveness should not be ignored.