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Characteristics And Application Of Pigment Foil Coating Aug 04, 2017

Characteristics and Application of Pigment Foil Coating
Ribbon coating Pigment Foil is now more common in social production of a material, has excellent performance and many advantages, in the majority of the industry favored. Here to introduce the characteristics of ribbon coating Pigment Foil:
1. Ribbon coating Pigment Foil compared to other commonly used metal density is small, light weight, density is only 2.70 g / cm3, copper or iron 1/3
2. The use of heat, cold two processes, a strong corrosion resistance.
3. Global aluminum content is very high, rich reserves.
4. Ribbon coated Pigment Foil has a very good ductility, with a lot of metal elements can be made of light alloy, material quality.
5. Ribbon coating Pigment Foil plasticity, good production, for the production of a very good advantage.
6. Good casting performance
7. Good surface finish
8. Chemical stability, non-magnetic, can be recycled, is a benign and recyclable metal materials.
9. The elastic coefficient is small, the collision can not afford to spark, only the best in the car process.
10. Ribbon coated Pigment Foil with anti-nuclear radiation.
11. No metal contamination, no toxicity, no oxide on the surface oxide.
12. Ribbon coating Pigment Foil has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, outstanding performance in short distance transmission.
Medical Pigment Foil is widely used in the medical industry, the following describes the highest quality standards for medical Pigment Foil.
Many foreign technical information on the medical Pigment Foil pinhole or Pigment Foil water vapor transmission made the rules. ASTMB-479-85 "Flexible Packaging Insulation Pigment Foil and Alloy Pigment Foil Technical Specifications" rule: "There can not be too many pinholes, the thickness of more than 0.5 mm Pigment Foil should be no pinhole."
Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z1520-1975 "Composite Pigment Foil Specification" gives data on the water vapor permeation amount of the composite Pigment Foil. Germany HOVIS Group's Pigment Foil company specifications on the Pigment Foil pinhole size and quantity also made specific rules for the 0.02 mm thickness of the Pigment Foil should not have pinholes.
In addition to medical Pigment Foil, the Pigment Foil is selected from 99.3% to 99.9% purity of electrolytic aluminum or aluminum alloy sheet rolling, the thickness is usually below 0.20mm.
Because the degree of pressure delay heat treatment is different, Pigment Foil can be divided into soft and hard two. Because the Pigment Foil has a range of outstanding features, so its use is very extensive.
1.2 rupture strength of medicinal Pigment Foil and its detection: in the course of use, if the intrinsic quality of medicinal Pigment Foil is poor, in the production
Will often appear broken foil and rupture, thus affecting the printing and coating carried out. If the Pigment Foil is broken in the drying tunnel of the printing press, the temperature of the bake is very high, and it is necessary to cool the connection before it is cooled, thus affecting the production schedule. Therefore, the Pigment Foil is sampled and tested. Detection equipment for the rupture strength meter, the method is to take the finished product 40 mm x 40 mm sample three pieces, piece by piece into the instrument of the cracks, open the pump, measured on the pressure gauge can indicate the value of the rupture strength should be greater than 98Kpa.
1.3 Thickness of medicinal Pigment Foil uneven, affecting the coating quality: medicinal Pigment Foil standard thickness of 0.02 ± 0.002 mm, the thickness of the detection is often on the machine before the thickness of the Pigment Foil, the width of the inspection, the thickness Detection of the application accuracy of 0.5-1.Oum the micrometer card or LG-l optical thickness meter. The Pigment Foil width is measured with a steel ruler with a scale value of 0.5 mm and the length is measured with a counter. In the actual production process found that a lot of Pigment Foil thickness exceeds the requirements of the deviation, uneven thickness, resulting in the printing process in the protective agent and the amount of adhesive coating uneven, and ultimately also affect the finished Pigment Foil winding tight Degree and end flatness, but also affect the product packaging quality.
1.4 medicinal Pigment Foil material surface oil, indentation affect the quality of finished products: Pigment Foil appearance of the surface if the oil or indentation serious quality
The amount of defects, not only will affect the printing, writing patterns of clarity and integrity, and in the golden color, because the original Pigment Foil oil pollution, there will be fade, Diaoyu and affect the protective agent and adhesive coating quality, Adhesive and Pigment Foil adhesion, seriously affecting the finished Pigment Foil and PVC hard film sealing performance, thereby reducing the safety of drug packaging.