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Development Status Of China 's Medicinal Pearl Foil Industry Aug 04, 2017

Development Status of China 's Medicinal Pearl Foil Industry
(PTP), strip packaging, aluminum-plastic combination caps, aluminum-plastic sealing gaskets and double aluminum packaging, aluminum plastic blister packaging is its main application, with moisture, Health, safety, Pearl Foil convenience, etc., to become widely used in the international new drug packaging, in foreign countries have 50 years of history.
At present, China's 65% of the level of drug packaging is equivalent to the average level of the 20th century, 80 years, packaging contribution to the pharmaceutical industry is low. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of drugs, while in China only 10%. As China's beads as a drug packaging materials started late, so the current packaging beads about 25% of pharmaceutical packaging materials, of which, aluminum plastic blister packaging accounted for only 20% of the total packaging, and developed countries Up to 80%. But this also from another point of view by increasing the use of medicinal beads foil ratio, medicinal Pearl Foil packaging will be relatively large potential for development.
China is a major producer of pharmaceuticals, can produce more than 1300 kinds of chemical raw materials, the total output of more than 270 million tons; proprietary Chinese medicine output of more than 310 million tons, Chinese medicine varieties, specifications of more than 8000 kinds. Chemical drugs have entered a stage of steady development, and the rapid development of Chinese medicine, chemical medicine has replaced the main pillar of the pharmaceutical industry.
The raw material used in the production of medical Pearl Foil is industrial pure pearl foil, generally requires a thickness of 0.02mm, tensile strength of 98kPa, breaking strength of 90kPa, surface clean, flat, no wrinkles, no indentation damage, no film fluorescent material , Surface wetting tension of not less than 32. Medical beads foil material is 99% of the electrolytic aluminum, after the delay and other means of processing made of non-toxic and tasteless, with high quality conductivity and shading and high moisture resistance, gas barrier.
For the medicinal, health food with the need for porcelain foil pinhole is the diameter of 0.1 ~ 0.3mm pinhole not more than 1 / m2. As the beads in the pinhole is the permeability of defects, health food, drugs by oxygen, water vapor and light intrusion will reduce the efficacy or deterioration, so the requirements of the pinhole is very strict; The required deviation (10%) will affect the coating of the adhesive layer and the protective layer.
The blister is a sealing material sealed on a plastic hard film, also known as a cap material, commonly referred to as PTP medicinal Pearl Foil. It is based on hard industrial beads foil material, with non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, impermeable, hygienic heat, moisture and other advantages, it is easy to high temperature sterilization, and can light, protect the drug from light Damage, the bead cover in the plastic sheet with a plastic seal on the printing machine before the printed text description, and coated with protective agent, the other side of the beads coated with adhesive.
The purpose of coating the protective agent is to prevent the mechanical wear of the ink on the surface of the Pearl Foil, while also preventing contamination of the beads in contact with the inner layer of the adhesive of the outer layer at the time of mechanical winding. The effect of coating the adhesive is to make the beads and plastic hard film has a good adhesive strength.