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Discussion On The Characteristic And Application Of Bronzing Paper Process Dec 08, 2016

Accompanied by hot stamping foil, as well as the rapid development of the packaging industry, anodized aluminum gold foil is widely used, such as book cover bronzing, gift boxes of hot, alcoholic drinks, clothing brands and boxes of stamping, cards, etc, its colourful variety, diverse patterns, can also be customized according to specific requirements. Printing substrates including paper, metallic ink, such as paper, leather, wood, and other special materials.
Tipping is characterized by clear, beautiful, showy, wear-resisting. Application of stamping process 85%, if used with flat stamping design can play a finishing touch, highlighting the role of design themes. Features for trademarks, registered names, the effect is more significant. Ordinary gold. Gold laser printing can be used for most products, including gold, silver, laser cards, as well as printing on glass, which is more common. Anodized aluminum in the process also has a special use, first hot cigarette design and printing industries of new ideas.