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Factors Influencing The Foils Used For Blocking Effect 3-temperature, Pressure And Time Dec 08, 2016

Bronzing paper basic manufacturing components made from paper, gold and silver ink ink printing paper, plastic, leather, wood, and other special materials, its wide range of uses, foils use small not to repeat, here to introduce factors affecting the foils used for blocking effect 3-temperature, pressure and time.
1, gold foil paper temperature. Temperature control is a skill in traditional printing process live, well control, bronzing paper printing blocking effect is good, but now the machine intelligence can grasp the temperature settings a lot easier.
2, bronzing paper stamping pressure. The stamping pressure master, then print out the patterns are not clear, products belonging to the losses caused by waste, so this process was also important.
3, foils used for blocking time. Hot for too long, gilded paper will influence the printing effect because of temperature problems, therefore grasp the printing time is also important.