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Foils Can Be Used Where Dec 08, 2016

Bronzing paper feature: hot stamping and optimum temperature of 95-135 degrees, depending on how different hot base material and pattern choices to try different types of foils pressed. Hot stamping area more broadly, three of them, one is the hot stamping small strokes (small area only); the second is stamping on the ground 6*6 mm (Universal); third, stamping on the ground 10*10 mm (large only).
Plastic foils: the diversity of plastic, provides hot hot foil in various materials. Used in cosmetics packaging: PE hoses, PP CAP, ABS body, glass painting, and so on.
Electronic plastic foils: Shell panels, is committed to the implementation of this popular mirrors, wire brush products such as foil and Jin Liangyin.
Paper foils: offers hot laminating paper and all kinds of different hot foil (gold, silver, red, blue, green, black and white), holographic foils, colored foil, colorful foil, widely applied in cigarette packs, wine boxes, greeting cards, calendars, lottery (scratch) and other paper products.
Bronzing paper cloth class: fabric washable and other special requirements, specializes in Germany, Taiwan imported fabric printing hot stamping foils, fastness, brightness up to international testing.
Bronzing auxiliary material: gilding, stamping round, foil stamping support materials, such as sales, stamping, stamping wheel divided into Japan, and Taiwan two durable grinding.
Anodized aluminum, hot plate, hot wheels, hot parts, stamping paper umbrella for stamping materials. For large heat transfer area, uniform appearance of machined surfaces can be obtained. Cots can be heated above 400 c without affecting its flexibility, toughness and tensile strength, into the durable, not out of shape, the length specification is complete.