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Four Precautions Of Foil For Tobacco Production Process Jul 05, 2017

Four precautions of Foil for Tobacco production process

In our daily life, Foil for Tobacco has a very wide range of applications and mature, the main purpose of the Foil for Tobacco have blister packaging of drugs such as capsules, tablets and powder particles and water bag packing. Because of its direct exposure to food products, the state is very strict in terms of the appearance and performance requirements of Foil for Tobacco.

There are two kinds of alloys in the market, including 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil, and 8011 alloys are usually below 0.05 mm, and 8021 alloys are above 0.05 mm. Generally speaking, the main production process flow is: billet inspection - rolling - rolling - rolling - rolling finished product - finished product packaging. The surface of Foil for Tobacco requires no oil, no bright crystal, no black line, no pinhole, no yellow spot, no lotus leaf, etc. In the process of production, the control of surface and performance is mainly a few points:

First, the quality should be controlled from the source, and the blank should be strictly inspected.

Second, and then in the process of rolling, through the control of roll cleaning and roughness, the selection of rolling oil, the lower rolling oil viscosity and control the running speed of the machine and so on to control the surface quality.

Thirdly, in the process of dividing, make sure that the edges of the aluminum roll are neatly trimmed and not the edge of the lotus leaves.

4. Finally, in the annealing process, the annealing time and annealing temperature are controlled according to the performance requirements of the Foil for Tobacco to ensure that the oil is clean.

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, Foil for Tobacco with its excellent moisture resistance, barrier property, drug resistance, chemical stability, health, application proportion rising, appearance and quality requirements also more and more high, wide prospect of market.

The structure of the design of aluminum Foil for Tobacco structure: the table plate is equivalent to the wing plate of the beam, which is mainly subjected to the positive stress; The intermediate honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the beam, which is mainly subjected to shear stress. Foil for Tobacco The two table plates of aluminum Foil for Tobacco have high structure and large section inertia moment, so the stiffness is good and the bending strength is large. The middle sandwich layer is bionic in natural honeycomb structure, with less material, but the shear strength is large and the stability is good. The optimal combination of table plate and honeycomb intermediate layer makes Foil for Tobacco have the advantages of light weight, high strength and good rigidity. The table board and the honeycomb are suitable, and can obtain good seismic, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Foil for Tobacco for high strength aluminum plate on both sides of the panel, the inner layer for special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb, as the core board in adhesion in the sandwich structure, in the cut up under pressure, the containment of dense honeycomb like many small h beam, can bear the pressure from the other side of the panel, the plate force uniform, ensure the panel in a large area can still keep high flatness.