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Home Holographic Foil Purchase Method Sep 29, 2017

Due to home Holographic Foil industry in the domestic market has just emerged, has not yet formed a unified industry norms and standards. The market is quite mixed, good seductive, some manufacturers and wholesalers to make profiteering shoddy, paper foil, short jin deficiency, cut corners. So consumers in the purchase of Holographic Foil do not be confused by the appearance or weight, you can refer to the following methods to buy:
A .. Look at the shape: the formal manufacturer of the packaging are generally professional design, a registered trademark, factory name site, contact telephone and precautions and use methods, and indicate the length or weight, packaging more elegant and generous. While poor quality products do not have these elements.
B. look at the quality: General manufacturers of products can be opened to see the quality of the goods, open the box should pay attention to the following points:
① look color: high-quality Holographic Foil smooth as a mirror, the back mist but silver fresh. While the inferior Holographic Foil surface is more bleak.
② see deterioration or not: open the seal pull out more than 30cm to see whether the oxidation of deterioration, deterioration of Holographic Foil oxidation will produce white green alumina, because the light to see the first lap surface is unable to distinguish the deterioration or not.
③ look at the core: regular products will not do paper on the article, but from the perspective of saving paper and transport costs designed products, core tube diameter is generally between 3.5-4.5cm, core wall thickness 1 -4mm, and poor quality products within the core paper tube made thick and large, the purpose is to replace the weight of paper tube Holographic Foil weight.
④ to see if the amount of: from the Holographic Foil package the number of laps to distinguish whether the basic enough, such as visuals are not sure, can be said after the electronic weighing pounds to remove the core tube of the general weight to distinguish.
⑤ see the certificate: the formal manufacturers have the relevant departments of the test certificate and product quality certification, and the general three no product can not provide, check the authenticity of the certificate is the most effective way to online inquiries.
Tin processing in ancient China there is, tin soft processing easy and simple, the ancient first as a food utensils such as tin bowl, tin jug, tin smoke pots and waterproofing agents such as rock cave rock and other aspects of waterproof to use, and later As a solid lubricant such as tin bronze alloy bearings and metal protective coating such as food canned inner layer, tinplate, etc. to use.
The processing of aluminum was relatively late, and it was created in 1932 by several aluminum companies in Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom in Shanghai, with a minimum Holographic Foil thickness of less than 0.009 mm. Thin Holographic Foil in the flat sheet paper roll cigarette foil and a small amount of candy packaging Biaozhi foil and so on.
In the absence of Holographic Foil before, China is the use of tin or tin foil to wrap food, dressed in food, but the tin because of its low melting point can not be heated or a high heating temperature to 160 ℃ or more began to brittle and limited him Food packaging, such as the need for barbecue food, baked goods can not use tin foil. Since the Holographic Foil has been melted, it is suitable for ordinary barbecue food, baked goods, and even traditional chicken, using Holographic Foil to wrap baking, clean and hygienic at the same time, because it has melted at a higher melting point than 660 ° C. Keep the original flavor.
Holographic Foil density is less than half the density of tin foil, the price has a congenital advantage, so the birth of Holographic Foil soon replaced the tin foil in the food packaging, cigarette foil packaging on the status, but it is because the replacement time is too short, And because the appearance of two kinds of foil products are very similar, are silver-white, so that in the folk are Holographic Foil called foil.
Calling Holographic Foil as the name of the beginning of the paper is in Shanghai, at the time also belong to the upper class of consumer goods such as high-grade cigarettes in the cigarette, candy with the paper foil and other industries called open, and in food containers and barbecue Has not yet been used.
Before the liberation of Shanghai in 1949, a large number of Shanghai upper class into Hong Kong, this name is also called to Hong Kong at the same time, so that Hong Kong will Holographic Foil called foil. Since China's reform and opening up, especially in Guangdong coastal areas and Hong Kong and Macao more closely. In the 1970s, China's industrial progress was slow, and at the same time foreign countries developed the speed of war, as early as the seventies of last century began to use Holographic Foil to create disposable Holographic Foil tableware, the use of Holographic Foil to wrap Barbecue food, so that Holographic Foil products began to enter the family, Hong Kong as one of the Asian four dragons began to use, they see this appearance, the color of the Holographic Foil tableware will naturally call it tin foil bowl, tin paper bowl The. That is why we later talked about the reason why Hong Kong people call Holographic Foil a foil.