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How To Buy Metallic Foil? Aug 25, 2017

How to buy Metallic Foil?
  Modern Metallic Foil is made of aluminum, usually used for food on the load, can also be used as an aluminum electrode for electrolysis. There are hair stylists with Metallic Foil for guests perm. Some people also use Metallic Foil to absorb the oil in the soup. Metallic Foils are also widely used in isolation, heat exchange, and as conductors. Metallic Foil use so wide, how to buy you know? The following Zhongjia Metallic Foil for everyone to tell you how to buy Metallic Foil?
       First, look at the shape: the formal manufacturer of the packaging are generally professional design, a registered trademark, factory name site, contact telephone and precautions and use, etc., and indicate the length or weight, packaging more beautiful and generous. While poor quality products do not have these elements.
       Second, look at the quality: General manufacturers of products can be opened to see the quality of the goods, check the box should pay attention to the following points:
1. look color: high-quality Metallic Foil smooth as a mirror, the back mist but silver fresh. While the surface of poor quality aluminum foil is more bleak.
2. Look at the core: regular products will not do paper on the article, but from the perspective of saving paper and transport costs designed products, core tube diameter is generally between 3.5-4.5cm, the core wall thickness 1-4mm, and poor quality products within the core paper tube made thick and large, the purpose is to paper tube instead of the weight of aluminum foil.
3. Look at the deterioration or not: open the seal pulled out more than 30cm to see whether the oxidation of deterioration, deterioration of aluminum foil oxidation will produce white green alumina, because the light to see the first lap surface is unable to distinguish the deterioration or not.
4. to see if the amount of: from the Metallic Foil package the number of laps can basically distinguish whether the amount of sufficient, such as visuals are not sure, can be used to remove the weight of the electronic tube after weighing the weight of the core tube to distinguish.
      5. see the certificate: the formal manufacturers have the relevant departments of the test certificate and product quality certification, and the general three no product can not provide, check the authenticity of the certificate is the most effective way to online inquiries.
      Do you know the Metallic Foil? Zhongjia aluminum foil Metallic Foil production of food Metallic Foil, environmentally friendly materials, double-sided available, heat-resistant.
Metallic Foil itself is a metal, no matter how thick the Metallic Foil, as long as the force of bending, there will be leakage hole phenomenon. How to solve this problem? Especially the novice control is not good, fold more easily leak soup. I think the product is not, directly to a negative feedback, which is not solve the problem. According to the long-term use of this Metallic Foil customer description: Metallic Foil put a diameter of about 25 cm on the small pots, pots depth of about 10 cm, when the ingredients, spices, soup, adding Metallic Foil, to naturally low, Force, pinch the four corner points to leave the gap, so as not to break the amount of Metallic Foil.
There are many people who like to chew gum fresh breath, both eat and play, and loved by children and young people. From the second layer of chewing gum stripped of shiny paper, do you know what role?
      The second layer of paper peeled from chewing gum is called Metallic Foil, and Metallic Foil is also called Metallic Foil. And environmentally friendly materials, double-sided available. Its appearance is silver white light metal, ductility and development, toughness, pure and no impurities, have a good endothermic, while the performance of reflected light, in the humid air can form a layer of metal oxide to prevent corrosion.
 With environmentally friendly, safe food Metallic Foil wrapped in chewing gum not only you can effectively moisture, and beautiful, health, light. Because of the ability to reflect light, dark effect is also very good. As the chewing gum is easier to melt, so wrapped in a layer of Metallic Foil can effectively transfer heat to keep the lower temperature inside.