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Is The Holographic Foil Poisonous? Aug 15, 2017

Is the Holographic Foil poisonous?
Holographic Foil is a metal material, itself is not toxic, but it is worth noting that the past is worried about meat scorched, will use Holographic Foil or aluminum foil wrapped ingredients barbecue, but experts suggest that if you want to use Holographic Foil or aluminum foil wrapped ingredients barbecue, Seasoning, because the sour material in the seasoning may be Holographic Foil and Holographic Foil tin and aluminum melt, after eating may cause tin, aluminum poisoning.
During the baking, press the texture in the meat constantly applied lemon juice, eat the best before the drop a few drops of lemon juice. Need to be reminded that if the use of Holographic Foil wrapped in meat barbecue, do not lemon juice in the meat, because the Holographic Foil is a metal material, contact with acidic substances, after a high temperature will produce a certain chemical reaction to produce harmful carcinogenic Material
There are many people who like to chew gum fresh breath, both eat and play, and loved by children and young people. From the second layer of chewing gum stripped of shiny paper, do you know what role?
      The second layer of paper peeled from chewing gum is called Holographic Foil, and Holographic Foil is also called Holographic Foil. Zhongjia Holographic Foil is specially made of Henan food Holographic Foil processing plant. And environmentally friendly materials, double-sided available. Its appearance is silver white light metal, ductility and development, toughness, pure and no impurities, have a good endothermic, while the performance of reflected light, in the humid air can form a layer of metal oxide to prevent corrosion.
With environmentally friendly, safe food Holographic Foil wrapped in chewing gum not only you can effectively moisture, and beautiful, hygienic, light. Because of the ability to reflect light, dark effect is also very good. As the chewing gum is easier to melt, so wrapped in a layer of Holographic Foil can effectively transfer heat to keep the lower temperature inside.
 I believe we usually like to eat barbecue it, really barbecue this thing is also very seductive, so you want to cook the pro, do not miss Oh! Today to teach you how to make delicious use of Holographic Foil delicious Of the Holographic Foil barbecue.
The original Holographic Foil is made of tin, Holographic Foil is thinner than aluminum foil, wrapped in food will be a little bit of tin flavor, but the Holographic Foil because of its low melting point can not be heated or heating temperature as high as 160 ℃ above began to brittle and limited It is used in food packaging, such as the need for barbecue food, baked goods can not use Holographic Foil. Holographic Foil is also known as Holographic Foil, because of its high melting point to 660 ℃ above the beginning of melting, can be applied to ordinary barbecue food, baked goods, and even traditional flowers are used to package roasted roasted.
Holographic Foil barbecue is to treat good food, materials, etc. wrapped with Holographic Foil into the oven or fire baking. Holographic Foil barbecue to prevent food sticky baking pan, the second is to prevent food sticky dirty things, the third is to facilitate the brush baking pan, the fourth is some of the food baked when there are spices, fillings and so afraid of scattered with Holographic Foil Package, the fifth is to prevent water loss, keep fresh.
The use of Holographic Foil barbecue advantage, combined with its own unique barbecue technology and formula, will need to bake the food or pre-pickled, or join the secret recipe, and master the precise furnace, so that the baked cooked food in breaking the Holographic Foil At that moment the aroma of the nose, fresh meat, whether it is seafood, meat, fish, or vegetables are kept authentic, colorful, thick soup, really healthy nutrition, green and delicious!