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Metallic Foil Classification Of Metal Foils May 24, 2017

Metallic Foil The metal foil is a thin metal sheet that is stretched with metal. With metal foil hot stamping some items in China has been several centuries of history, the 15th century had been popular with red gold foil decorative books.

  The types of metal foil are red gold, silver foil, copper foil and aluminum foil several kinds, which use more red gold foil, the use of the longest time, some valuable books are still valuable red gold foil stamping, because the red gold is not easy to oxidize Can be permanently glowing.


  ① red gold foil hot stamping. Red gold foil is made of pure gold extension. Red gold is very beautiful appearance, soft texture, chemical stability, not easy to lose due to oxidation of luster, and ductility is the best of a metal. Hot stamping used in the red gold foil extension of the thickness of only about 2μm. A sheet of paper is used in the form of a sheet of gold foil.

  The use of red gold foil hot stamping more difficult, need to have some operating skills and experience. The operation of the process: the gold - the red gold foil will be cut into the required format specifications; Jiejin - that is, with the child will be gold foil with the paper released; paving the gold - about to lift the gold foil on the hot plate; - will be hot gold hot plate into the hot stamping machine for hot pressing; clean - the bronzing will be the extra red gold foil in the storage box. Hot gold foil is the key to exposing gold and paving the gold, master the gold foil can be saved and smooth processing, otherwise it will cause a great waste.

  ② pure silver foil and hot stamping. Pure silver foil is made of pure silver. Silver soft, scalability second only to the red gold, so pure silver foil slightly thicker than the red foil. Silver looks gorgeous, chemical performance is more stable, easy to save, but also a more expensive hot stamping materials. In the absence of electrochemical aluminum foil before, almost all of the silver imprinted silver foil stamping.

  Metallic Foil Silver foil processing, packaging and hot stamping and red gold foil is basically the same, but the thick silver foil, hot stamping more convenient than the red gold foil. Silver foil use history is also very long, the use of the number is very small, because the preservation of the value of books are generally gold-based decoration.

  Remove the red gold, silver foil, there are copper, aluminum foil, to replace the gold and silver. Processing is in the resin or wax impregnated on the transparent paper base, coated with a layer of resin sticky material, and in the above coated with pre-ground copper or aluminum powder, and then the pressure of the roller evenly, after drying production. Copper, aluminum foil does not apply to the extension of the way, and easy to oxidation, so rarely used. Its packaging and the same form of color. After the foil is made, copper foil is no longer used