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Note 6 Stamping Techniques, Stamping And Printing Better Dec 08, 2016

1, the product of substrate, hot substrate determines the bronzing paper series, but commonly used hot stamping plastic substrates include ABS, PP, PE, PVC, paper, wood, leather and so on
2, grasp the gilding size, largely because of different foils release layer elastic, so hot area's size is also important for choice bronzing paper.
3, meet hot and hot printing is different, depending on the hot metal, and rubber.
4, according to different printing speed, you can choose automatic, semi-automatic or manual stamping
5, figure out the product is for indoor use or outdoor use products, products are often gilded requirements for indoor use is high
6, hung a brightness and color, as long as the 5 criteria above and then select the color and brightness.
Tipping is a common cause of printing processes, but is also an art stamping printing, in particular in the bronzed paper choice, it is the most important step.