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Pearl Foil Unexpected Effect Aug 15, 2017

Pearl Foil unexpected effect
1. Can be used as Wifi strong wave device:The Pearl Foil made arc as a barrier, the purpose is to focus on the signal to the desired area.
2. Door handle protector:Paint the paint, the beads attached to the beads do not want to paint to the door or a specific location, are very easy to use Oh!
3. Furniture moving tools:If the home has large and heavy furniture need to shift, then you can at the table feet, chairs under the beads put beads, so you can easily push, you can not need to spend too much effort. But remember that the side of the bright side down, because the more slippery, will be better to move Oh!
4. to prevent the steel wool mat quickly rust:If you want the wire velvet mat not so fast rust, directly wring dry on a piece of beads on the air, or can also be wrapped with Pearl Foil into the freezer!
5. Increase the effect of heating furnace:Want to let the room warm up, put the beads on the back of the heating furnace, so that you can prevent the heat from the wall to disperse.
6. Banana Protector:The beads wrapped in a bunch of banana head can save the shelf life!
7. to prevent static electricity when drying:To replace the drying paper with beads, the use of the method is very simple, the beads folded into a ball, and then with the wet clothes into the dryer, so you can prevent electrostatic attachment for up to six months, you can re-use Oh The
8. Barbecue net cleaner:As long as the beads folded into a ball, take a clip to wipe the roasted look, then will become a lot of good cleaning.
9. Scissors:Pearl Foil Just like the need to sharpen the knife with the same function, scissors cut a few pieces of beads will become as easy as the new.
10. Remove metal rust:When the metal rust, Pearl Foil as long as the use of water with the beads can be rusty place to brush off.
11. Tableware Grinding Tools:Want to find the original metal bright, put the beads on the iron tray, and then add cold water and salt, and then put a long time with a cutlery.
12. Homemade funnel:Can be any shape, simple and convenient.
13. Make the iron more efficient when used:Put the beads on the ironing board, put the clothes on top will allow you to put the clothes on both sides are hot!
14. Packing bag sealing device:If the snack is not finished, you can put the beads on the pocket, and then iron hot about, but the iron can not be placed on the plastic packaging, so it becomes a simple sealer Hello!
15. Battery converter:If there is no just suitable for the battery, the battery is too small to put the beads out of the package to wrap the positive side, so that you can use it! Do not think that the beads are easy to use it! There are many we do not know the knowledge , Need to go to the supermarket to buy a bar! Share this knowledge to friends know it!
 Bead cheap, the role is very large, first of all, in many industries, there are applications to the Pearl Foil, such as housing insulation, barbecue when the need to heat the beads, do not know the smokers have not found their own smoke Box inside the layer of silver paper, in fact, that is the Pearl Foil, beads and a wide range of applications, today, we look at what the role of Pearl Foil, there are also how to use Pearl Foil. These are life needs to go, we learn it
  The role of Pearl Foil:
Bead foil with metal heat conduction function, to achieve the barbecue food, when used to help the heat spread evenly to the food, but the pros and cons of the two sides made a different distinction, in the bright side of the use of reflective principle, to isolate the heat radiation, like car shade Board, in the mattress is the use of heat absorption, as usual when the pork, the use of beads to speed up the time to eat food.
Barbecue when there is a distance from the heat, it is heat radiation, so the bright out will be hot to go back. Barbecue must be used when the fog face, heat to use bright outwards.