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Pigment Foil The Scope Of Application Of Pigment Foil And Product Characteristics May 24, 2017

Pigment Foil The range of pigment foil and product characteristics. The color has yellow blue green green black white purple pink pigment foil. First, the plastic gold foil paper:

  1, the scope of application: ABS, PP, PS, PC, PE, PVC, PMMA, SAN, PET, UV hose, cosmetic caps, plastic hoses, bottle caps, glass bottles, and other surfaces.

  2, the product features: wear-resistant, resistant to alcohol, high temperature, strong adhesion, printed on the good, easy to peel, stable performance, with 3M adhesive tape can not afford, resistant to 100 grid test;

  3, the use of factories: electrical products factory, plastic products factory, electronic plastic factory, cosmetics packaging plant, plastic plate factory, pen products factory, plastic toy electronics factory, bottle caps factory, packaging container factory, sports goods factory.

  Second, double-sided gold foil paper:

  1, the scope of application: PVC, PC, PS, AS, PMMA, transparent acrylic, transparent film, transparent PVC film, mobile phone lenses and some transparent plastic products;

  2, the product features: bright color, stable performance, good adhesion, with a mirror effect.

  3, the use of factories: jewelry factory, plastic hardware electronics factory, plastic box products factory, mobile phone factory, lens panel factory.

  Third, drawing gold foil paper:

  1, the scope of application: ABS, AS, PS, PC, PE, PVC, PMMA, SNA, PET, PP, DVD panel, audio shell, electrical panels, clocks, phone buttons, cell phone panels, computer accessories,

  2, product features: good adhesion, corrosion resistance (alcohol, gasoline), resistance to 100 grid test;

  3, the use of factories: all kinds of plastic hardware electronics factory, electrical plant, TV factory, printing processing plants.

  Pigment Foil Fourth, paper packaging gold foil paper:

  1, the scope of application: paper, a plastic, oil, laminating, film, dumb film, tag, greeting cards, cardboard, film, soft plastic, OPP composite paper, PET film, color paper, paper, synthetic paper, light Adhesive paper, dumb paper, coarse paper, ink paper, embossed paper, specialty paper, kraft paper, polishing paper, etc .;

  2, product features: good gloss, color complete, printed on the good, no flash.

  3, the use of factories: paper products factory, paper printing color printing plant, trademark printing, gift packaging plant, handbags factory, Jiuhe packaging products factory, frame factory, wood products factory, cosmetics box products factory.

  Five, wood grain gold foil paper

  1, the scope of application: ABS, PS, PVC, PC, acrylic, PP and other materials

  2, the product features: good adhesion, bright color, stable performance, patterns can be customized.

  3, the application of products: radio, tape recorders, audio, watches and so on.