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Proper Use Of Metallic Foil Lunch Boxes Sep 06, 2017

Proper use of Metallic Foil lunch boxes
 Metallic Foil tableware and container performance: the use of Metallic Foil production of food boxes, air lunch boxes are generally used abroad, the latest and most scientific Metallic Foil surface coating treatment technology and high temperature disinfection and decontamination technology, product beautiful, elegant , Luxury, improve fast food grade. The current can be heat-sealed, high temperature and high pressure sterilization of Metallic Foil containers, but also widely used in pies, luncheon meat, jugs, sauces, jams and processed cheese, coffee milk, vegetarian paste and other long shelf life products Sealed packaging can also be used for non-food applications and industries such as the pharmaceutical industry. The cost of Metallic Foil packaging containers, low weight and storage volume and low transport costs, "Metallic Foil cover" easy to open, 100% barrier layer, a high degree of product protection, high temperature sterilization / pasteurization.
    The use of Metallic Foil containers in microwave ovens: whether it is cooked food or household food, cooking and heat recovery in the microwave oven quickly and easily, the use of Metallic Foil containers to ensure the freshness of food.
    Metallic Foil containers in the microwave performance: to ensure good and uniform heat transfer; in the traditional burner and microwave can be used; can be used to barbecue; to protect food from scorched; suitable for cold storage, frozen and fresh food packaging; Can be heated on the original packaging; can be stable after cooking and heating; safe, hygienic, reliable, high temperature heating of the container will not spill harmful substances contaminated food; this is any disposable containers can not do.
   Consider the following:
  (1) Use only Metallic Foil containers that do not exceed 3 cm thick (because microwave can no longer be crossed).
  (2) the container must be filled with food. If not filled, there is the risk of scorching.
  (3) at any time to the Metallic Foil cover, otherwise the food will not be heated. If the food is to be covered. Please use a plate or microwave adhesive film.
  (4) Do not remember metal and metal can not touch. The container can not touch the furnace wall, the door or the bottom of the furnace, and can not touch other metal parts. This arc and possible
  (5) the loss caused by the microwave oven will be avoided. Also, do not use plates with gold and silver trim.
  (6) The Metallic Foil container is always at a distance of 2 cm from the furnace wall or at a distance from the other Metallic Foil container, etc. The Metallic Foil container may be placed on the plate.
  (7) increase the cooking and heating time by about 10% because the food is absorbed from the microwave.
  (8) Do not use curved or damaged Metallic Foil containers, do not reuse Metallic Foil containers. Please refresh the recycling after use.
  Although the Metallic Foil is very thin, but the barrier is strong, can completely block the light, gas and other substances, improve the degree of preservation and protection of water, and to prevent the leakage or mixed taste, can effectively maintain the original flavor and characteristics. The use of Metallic Foil lunch boxes and containers of packaged food and pre-packaged food, can be hot and cold chain distribution, easy to produce and sell, but also easy catering enterprises, restaurants, supermarkets and family storage, to avoid product deterioration, extend the shelf life, reduce food waste. Thus indirectly saving a lot of energy and energy related to the production process.
    Part of the use of Metallic Foil lunch boxes and containers may be used to carry out waste power generation. Even if the Metallic Foil buried, it will not pollute the soil and water. And the current plastic lunch boxes, especially the plastic bag recycling value is low, the recovery rate is not high, the recovery situation is not ideal, a large number of discarded caused serious "white pollution", affecting the city and natural landscape, but also because it is difficult to degrade The formation of "potential harm" to the ecological environment.