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The Advantages Of Holographic Foil Lunch Boxes Sep 06, 2017

The advantages of Holographic Foil lunch boxes
   Holographic Foil lunch box products light weight, the product in line with national food hygiene standards. And the recycling is convenient, there is no 'harmful substances in the process of production, and does not pollute renewable resources. Aluminum meal box product line is more used for aviation food and cake food retail, update faster consumption more. Suitable for sale in bulk. Cake food shop cooking and finished food packaging are many use of Holographic Foil lunch boxes. Product market is broader, wider popularity.
    Holographic Foil, with a prominent barrier properties, in the Holographic Foil thickness sufficient under the premise of basically can completely block the gas and water, so in the plastic flexible packaging materials, Holographic Foil is used as a common barrier material, and Holographic Foil with light , Closed and covered with a good series of advantages. Mainly health, beautiful, but also to a certain extent, insulation.
    The Holographic Foil food case is treated with a surface coating, and the thickness of the Holographic Foil is not much of a relationship.
     This lunch box not only in line with national food containers health standards, more importantly, adapted to the current international environmental trends. Products can be directly put on the gas furnace heating and microwave oven baked without fear of danger, to bring a great convenience.
    Used lunch boxes can be recycled, reduce pollution, save resources, is a good choice. In the context of people increasingly concerned about environmental protection, this lunch box has developed rapidly in recent years, many companies have begun to seize the market, the future prospects of unlimited.
  It should be recognized that, compared to China's vast food and beverage packaging market, Holographic Foil lunch boxes and containers are far from being widely used. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Among them, the price factor, consumer awareness, sales and distribution of convenience is the three main reasons.
    A considerable part of the catering business in a competitive consideration, in order to reduce the cost had to use low quality low-grade foam lunch boxes and other plastic lunch boxes. In many business and consumer impression, Holographic Foil lunch box is a high-end products, only aircraft flights can be used. But in fact, due to the decline in raw material prices and production and processing technology to enhance the current Holographic Foil and qualified plastic lunch boxes and degradable lunch boxes have been close. If you consider the recovery, water conservation, storage and transportation, heating and energy saving and other aspects can reduce the cost of expenditure, cost advantage has emerged.
    The public has little knowledge of the Holographic Foil lunch box, the advantages of the Holographic Foil lunch box, the health of their own protection and the contribution of sustainability know little about the use of ideas and habits have not yet formed. There are a considerable number of consumers and catering operators have cognitive errors, for example, that the use of Holographic Foil lunch box containers will lead to "aluminum poisoning", aluminum contains heavy metals and other harmful substances, in fact, the surface of Holographic Foil has a layer of dense Of the oxide layer, the chemical properties of the oxide layer is relatively stable, as long as not in the strong acid environment will not precipitate aluminum ions, the normal cost of food and processing is completely no problem. The so-called aluminum poisoning is produced in the use of substandard food additives, and Holographic Foil packaging has nothing to do. In fact, in foreign countries, Holographic Foil containers, Holographic Foil lunch boxes have already entered the restaurant, supermarkets, family, use is very common. There are a lot of people mistakenly believe that the Holographic Foil is "tin", take it for granted that is containing heavy metals, is scarce resources, but also affect the popularity of Holographic Foil use.
    China is now the first producer and exporter of Holographic Foil, and is the largest exporter of Holographic Foil products, including Holographic Foil containers. However, due to consumption habits and acceptance and other reasons, the domestic Holographic Foil lunch boxes and containers less consumption, Holographic Foil products business sales focus will focus on exports. Domestic Holographic Foil lunch boxes and containers of the distribution network is not perfect, marketing efforts are not, the market development of the initial investment and the cost is also large, coupled with other non-compliance of the lunch boxes and containers of production and sales supervision Not enough, the market competition order is more chaotic, which have restricted the more popular use of Holographic Foil lunch boxes and packaging containers.