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What Is The Use Of Metallic Foil Jun 27, 2017

What is the use of Metallic Foil
1. For Craft Gift
The craft gift with Metallic Foil veneer, with relatively low cost of pure gold products, not only embodies the luxury of gold, but also maintain the essence of the arts, can be as brilliant as gold forever, more than gold so that its sublimation to set decorative embellishment, art appreciation, treasures in one, become the latest trend. At present, the Metallic Foil crafts field is a colorful, such as Metallic Foil painting, gold card, pure gold business card, Metallic Foil photo, crystal Metallic Foil ornaments, Metallic Foil ornaments, key ring, gold and so on. In the current market, Metallic Foil crafts is a new, the picture made of transparent film composite foil affixed to the film, made of high-grade imitation Metallic Foil painting, as well as the process more complex Metallic Foil painting and ceramic glaze Metallic Foil painting.
2. For building decoration
A small amount of gold can be used to produce the effect of the body of gold. Gold technology is widely used in architecture, modern architecture, gold plaque, such as the Buddha, gilded, decorated with gold and so on. The most famous gilded buildings are: Beijing Tian an door, the Great Hall of the People, CCTV, Shanghai Oriental Pearl, the Potala Palace in Tibet and so on.
3, for beauty, cosmetics
With Metallic Foil beauty, ancient, "Mulan speech" in "when the window hair, the mirror decals yellow", the flower yellow is Metallic Foil. In modern society, the use of Metallic Foil to develop cosmetics, has begun to become a fashion at home and abroad.
4. For food
In recent years, Japan, Southeast Asia, the prevalence of edible Metallic Foil, Metallic Foil dinner, Metallic Foil wine, Metallic Foil water, Metallic Foil candy, Metallic Foil cakes have been published. In the edible wine with a small amount of Metallic Foil, with detoxification, beauty and other health functions. 1983 Who Codex Alimentarius Commission officially put gold in the category of food additives, compiled as a table No. No. 310, the Ministry of Health issued by the Chinese state as a new food resources used in a total of nine categories, of which the eighth category of minerals and trace elements clearly contained "Metallic Foil." At present, there are many enterprises to produce "Metallic Foil wine."
5. For Medical
Metallic Foil has a long history of medical value. The Ming Dynasty Lishizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, "food gold, the spirit of the town, Bone marrow, Tong Li five Evil, the immortal." In particular, the foil into the pill bulk clothing, broken air conditioning, except the wind. Leung Taugon Jing "name record": Metallic Foil Can "town spirit, Bone marrow, Tong Li five evil." Tang Shang "Sex Materia medica": Metallic Foil can "cure the child is frightened injury, five startled disease loses ambition, town peace Soul". The Ming Dynasty Lishizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica": Metallic Foil can be "treatment of epilepsy wind and liver disease." Qing Huang "Materia Medica to seek Truth": "Metallic Foil can be in addition to evil anti-virus, antipyretic Drive annoying, the soul set soul, Yangxin and blood." In modern medicine highly developed today, Metallic Foil still as a formula, become a popular home and abroad "Elixir God", such as China's famous Chinese tang-Cheng Tong, "Cow's Palace Pill", "Bezoar qingxin pill", "Bezoar step-down pill", "Wuji Baifeng pill", "Big active Dan" and other valuable in the use of Metallic Foil into the formula or wrapped in Metallic Foil. In our country folk, also useful Metallic Foil for children yajing folk prescription. In modern surgery, Metallic Foil is used for the treatment of burn skin and for surgical suture.