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Would You Like To Eat Holographic Foil? Aug 25, 2017

Would you like to eat Holographic Foil?
"Nearly 6 percent of the market on the Holographic Foil lead content exceeded! Holographic Foil high temperature heating after the release of heavy metals! Damage to the brain and kidneys!" The last two days online crazy pass this argument. Is that true? After confirmation by the relevant experts, the conclusion is: the market is the main component of aluminum foil, there is no lead, eat Holographic Foil barbecue lead poisoning, nonsense.
Holographic Foil lead content exceeded the standard friends
Holographic Foil is also called Holographic Foil paper, many places commonly used it wrapped in meat barbecue, this legend must be very concerned about. Net transmission is this: for the barbecue Holographic Foil paper heat will release after the release of lead, harmful to the body. In order to prove this conclusion, there are foreign media will go to the supermarket selected three kinds of Holographic Foil paper, sent to a hospital to test.
Detection method is the first Holographic Foil paper on the alcohol lamp burn, imitate the barbecue process, and then burned the Holographic Foil paper into the distilled water immersion, and then drop the reagent. If the liquid appears red, indicating lead exceeded; if the blue, then the lead did not exceed the standard. The result is that there are two kinds of Holographic Foil paper lead exceeded. So the media concluded that the market nearly 60% of the Holographic Foil lead content exceeded.
In addition, the International Food Packaging Association, the Secretary-General Dong Jinshi more on the Internet to add fuel to the flames, he said that the main component of Holographic Foil lead-tin alloy, Holographic Foil lead content of up to about 50%, incineration to produce lead oxide, is toxic compounds.
This experiment coupled with the industry's comments, Holographic Foil lead-based argument so spread, causing social concern.
Holographic Foil is made of aluminum, I saw the video of this experiment, as well as the International Food Packaging Association Secretary-General Dong Jinshi's remarks, I feel a lot of problems are questionable. Some experts said in a few days ago in an interview with reporters. He told reporters that although the Holographic Foil is called "tin", but it is actually a Holographic Foil. Holographic Foil paper processing technology is not complicated, that is, aluminum from the block into a thin paper-like it, the machine is like a home noodle machine. Aluminum texture is soft, ductile and good, so it is easy to become thin paper after the state; and metal tin to do the cost of the film much higher, so aluminum foil is more advantages.
"In theory, Holographic Foil paper inside will not add lead because of the lead, the aluminum will become hard, ductility is not good enough, more detrimental to processing, and the cost of lead is much more expensive than aluminum!" If There is no lead in the Holographic Foil.
There may also be another possibility: Holographic Foil paper is produced from recycled aluminum. The composition of recycled aluminum may be complicated. But the specific ingredients still have to rely on experiments to detect. To the online transmission of this experiment, that the operation process and the conclusions are not rigorous enough.
In addition to aluminum, what else is it? The person explained that each Holographic Foil also contains oxygen, silicon, iron, copper and other ingredients, but at most accounted for a little more than a few, almost negligible. At this point the truth: the most important component of Holographic Foil is aluminum, there is no lead shadow.
  Holographic Foil with insulation, moisture, noise, fire and easy to clean, etc., and the appearance of luxury, processing facilities, construction equipment fast. The current construction of China, the home improvement industry has formed the use of decorative foil boom. With the rapid construction of China's construction industry and the continuous use of decorative foil, decorative foil requirements will be a substantial increase in the amount. In addition, the use of decorative foil packaging gifts in foreign countries is very popular in recent years in China to carry out very fast.
 Consumers do not be confused by the appearance or weight when purchasing Holographic Foil paper. Regular manufacturers can check the authenticity of the Internet, there is the relevant departments of the test certificate and product quality certification.
 First of all to choose the regular production, a registered trademark, name, address, contact information, precautions and use of methods, packaging and beautifully marked weight, length of quality products. Open the paper after the territory, open the seal pulled out more than 30cm to see if there is no oxidation deterioration, deterioration of Holographic Foil oxidation will produce white green alumina, because the light to see the first lap surface is unable to distinguish the deterioration or not. Core paper is thin, remove the core paper tube can be roughly the weight to identify.